Finally Know What Gets You Patients

Our powerful  lead conversion software makes it easier for you to nurture and convert leads, and also tracks what sources drive the most leads so you get more out of your marketing. Understanding your marketing campaign and achieving a positive ROI (Return on Investment) should be your primary focus each month.

To increase patient acquisition and reduce marketing costs its important to have reporting on your different marketing sources, where your traffic is coming from and how patients are engaging with your website. We provide lead conversion software that can help you understand these sources and how your digital marketing is working.

  • Capture More Leads
  • Turn Leads Into Patients
  • Finally Know Whats Working
Your reports show you exactly how many leads you are getting from each marketing source, along with
the number of new patients and your estimated revenue, so you can calculate ROI. Plus, you get
insights that help improve your ROI, like the exact days and times people are contacting you and how
effectively your team is responding to leads and converting them into new customers.
Mobile App & Alerts
Real-time mobile alerts every time you get a new contact from your site
Lead routing and organization based on geography, office, and/or employee
In-app summary report of top lead sources and your engagement rate with new leads
Ability to view prioritized lead list, update contact information, listen to recorded calls, and categorize
contacts into groups
One-touch classification of new leads that kicks off lead nurturing emails and staff follow-up notification